Safety 60cm Ø 5mm BGV-C1

Item # 119149

    • Made in Germany
    • 60cm length, 5mm silk diameter
    • max. 15 kg load-bearing capacity
    • Manufacturing by BGV-C1

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The safety ropes of the Stuttgart manufacturer Safetex belong to the cable class 6x19 with fiber insert and are manufactured according to BGV-C1. The galvanized wire ropes (EN 12385-4) have two thimbles according to DIN 6899 type BF as well as cylindrical press clamps according to DIN 3093 A. The galvanized snap hook also has a union nut, which according to DGUV 215-313 can not be unthreaded. For exact determination, an identification label provides information on rope diameters, carrying capacity and manufacturer.

Shipping data

  • Dimensions (L/B/H) 50 x 10 x 10 mm
  • Weight 0,09 kg
  • PU 10
  • EAN 4042659066316