Selflock Hook Easy 48-80/30/150kg

Item # 8073-1

    • Fast and easy fixture
    • Compatibility: 48-80 mm
    • Width: 30 mm
    • Tensile load: 150 kg

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This Selflock Hook Easy can be used with tube diameters from 48 to 80 mm and is a quick and easy way to attach equipment to a truss. Due to its special design with a screw coming off the side, it can never get caught on the equipment or in the truss. Convenient locking by the large wing nut is thus possible at any time. With a tensile load of 150kg SWL, it is also suitable for carrying larger devices.

This coupler is compatible to following truss systems:

Shipping data

  • PU 20
  • EAN 4251665071799