ApeCoin - Set of 2

Item # 119754

    • 15 Watt RGBW LED light with USB connection
    • Magnet on the ground and M6 thread
    • Controllable via 2.4 GHz remote control, wireless DMX, smartphone app
The ApeCoin is a versatile LED fixture for many different applications. Use it by itself for a 15-watt LED effect or in groups to effectively create much more powerful fixtures. Their built-in magnets and extremely compact size make them incredibly easy to group in various arrangements. The ApeCoin also has built-in M6 threading at the bottom for additional mounting options.
The ApeCoin is powered by 5V USB voltage, so it is universally compatible with all standard USB power supplies and USB battery packs. The top ring screws off in order to swap out the optics for various applications. The housing is water resistant and totally splash proof, meaning it can virtually be used anywhere.
By quickly and easily creating a lighting atmosphere, the ApeCoin is the ideal product for everything from mobile DJ events to simple home use. It can be used with a permanently connected power supply or with a USB power bank. Battery life will depend on the battery pack used, but one 16,000 mAh battery pack can power two ApeCoins for over twelve hours.
The Ape Labs Remote Control can be used to control the ApeCoin or any other Ape Labs product. You can simultaneously control an unlimited quantity and variety of Ape Labs fixtures—up to four different groups from a single remote.
With the W-APP you can control your ApeCoin with your smartphone or tablet.
Professional users can control the ApeCoin via wireless DMX with the Ape Labs W-APE or W-APP wireless DMX transceiver.
The preconfigured programs, colors, and speeds offer the perfect lighting for any event. Moreover, the lamp has MusikMode. It is controlled by the internal microphone, which adapts automatically to the volume.
Because of the splash-proof design, the ApeCoin is suitable for (temporary) outdoor use. The housing is made of aircraft aluminum, which meets the highest requirements of professional users.
For your ApeCoin we have some fancy stuff! The ApeCoin Tube is really nice to have!
Simply place your ApeCoin an adapter plate. Then attach the 1 meter tube to it and et voila you have an incredible effect with just a small effort!
All Ape Labs products are compatible with each other and can be controlled by the same remote control, W-APP or W-APE Transceiver. All colors and programs match across the different device types. Ape Labs devices communicate with each other to produce an uniform light image and to forward the radio signals to remote devices.
  • 15-watt RGBW LED
  • 65-degree effect lens
  • 170-degree frost lens
  • Built-in colors and programs with controllable speed
  • Dimming capability
  • MusikMode feature, with audio pulled from the internal microphone or the central microphone of a W-APE transceiver
  • smartphone control with the W-APP
  • Four-group management
  • Multiple DMX modes: three channels (dimmer, program, speed); four channels (RGBW 8 bit); eight channels (RGBW 16 bit)
  • Splash-proof product
  • Aircraft aluminum housing
Measurements/Tech Specs
  • ApeCoin: 0,59 x 0,26 cm
  • Weight: 0,3 kg
Scope of Delivery
  • 2 x ApeCoin
  • 2 x 50° Effect Lens (mounted)
  • 2 x Frost Filter 160°
  • 2 x USB Extension Cable
  • 1 x Remote Control 2,4 GHz
  • 1 x USB PSU 2-Port

Shipping data

  • Dimensions (L/B/H) 260 x 240 x 40 mm
  • Weight 0,40 kg
  • PU 1
  • EAN 4260482880682