fog machine DF-V9C

ArtNr.: 105693

    • 722W power for 181 m³ Nebel/min
    • Including wireless controller (25m range)
    • Including remote control (2m length)
    • easy to use
    • Mirror Pipe Patent

incl. VAT, plus transport costs

The DF-V9C from DJ Power is the perfect entry-level product into the world of fog machines – more fog for your money!
It is generally known, that light is only visible with fog in the room. Even for the smallest light show in the party room a fog machine is required.
Thanks to the very compact design and the relatively low power consumption, the DF-V9C is the ideal solution for such applications. Despite the low price, you do not have to miss the advantages of the large machines of DJ Power.
The mirror pipe patent lines in the machine help that no fluid residues remain, and the lifetime increase.
The integrated fluid sensor switches off the pumps in time when the tank is empty, so that the pump is protected against overheating.
Thanks to the LED on the backside it is immediately visible when fog fluid have to be refilled.
Also the heating block is, due to an intelligent temperature control, always correct heated to the ideal evaporator temperature for optimum fog output.
Furthermore the wireless receiver can be addressed and thus you can control up to 4 devices or groups individually with one remote.
It comes with a wireless remote as well as a cable remote.
Lots of power – at low price!

technical data

Power supply

  • Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Power consumption max. 750 W


  • Current in 1,2 m Schutzko Anschlusskabel

Technical Data

  • Effect type Nebelmaschine
  • Heating 722 W
  • Ejection 181 m³ / min
  • Tank volume 1,30 Liter
  • Consumption @ 100% 33 ml/min
  • Warm-up time 4,5 Minuten


  • Dimensions (L/W/H) 300 x 240 x 230 mm
  • Weight 3,80 kg

Shipping data

  • Dimensions (L/B/H) 300 x 245 x 230 mm
  • Weight 4,10 kg
  • PU 1
  • EAN 4042659038788