Fog Gun A-1 Thanos

ArtNr.: 120901

    • new designed and innovative rechargeable Fog Gun
    • high-speed fan to help enhance fog output strength
    • Continuous full burst up to 30s
    • Coated with special insulation layer to avoid overheat
    • Quick-change function for the rechargeable battery

incl. VAT, plus transport costs

The TOPCAT Thanos A-1 Fog Gun by DJ Power is the world's first rechargeable high-speed fog gun. The advantage over conventional CO-2 shooters is that you can move wirelessly when using them and, above all, you can achieve great effects at low cost. Unlike the traditional CO2 gun used at events, which also emits carbon dioxide, is inconvenient and expensive to use, the A-1 Fog Gun is fully electric and features a long, 30-second fog output. The rechargeable battery inside the gun makes it freely portable without the constraint of a bulky power cord. Output strength and speed are enhanced by a small, high-speed fan, which can also be independently adjusted via the in-display menu.

Various settings are made via the display menu. Here you can change the strength of the fog output, the LED color on the outlet nozzle (to color the fog) and the LED color of the housing lighting.

The scope of delivery includes a transport case, one battery (additional batteries are available separately), two fluid containers (330ml), a carrying strap and a charging base. The charging base is used to reheat the Fog Gun A-1. The base also has two slots for charging the batteries. This means that the user always has a charged battery to hand and can easily replace it.

With one battery, the gun can be fired up to 12x (30 seconds each). The charging time for a battery (100%) is 4-6 hours.

With the unique Thanos A-1 fog gun from TOPCAT by DJPower, you can have fun using it and set new effects on stage and at your events.

Other key features:


  • Input Voltage & Rate: AC 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Current Limiter Type: Breaker
  • Current Limiter Specifications: 6 A, 250 V
  • Total Power Consumption: 1,200 W
  • Heat Up Time: Appr. 3-5 min
  • battery charging time: 4-6 h


  • LED Color: Nozzle LED:RGB   Gun Body LED: RGBW
  • LED Type: Nozzle LED:Three in one     Gun Body LED:Quad
  • Power per LED: Nozzle LED:9 W    Gun Body LED:0.5W
  • Total LED Power: Nozzle LED:36 W    Gun Body LED:33 W


  • Fluid Tank Capacity :330 ml


  • Adjustable Volume: ×
  • Max Output Volume:  Appr. 20,000 cuft/min 
  • Max Output Distance:   Appr. 8 m 
  • Fluid Consumption @ full volume:  Appr.100 ml/min
  • Max Continuous Output Duration: Appr. 30 s


  • On-device Manual Control : LCD display


  • Consumable: PRO-Q / PRO-C


  • Net Weight:13.75 kg 
  • Gross Weight: 29.8 kg (incl. flight cases) 
  • Gun Body Dimension: 754 × 302 × 135 mm
  • Bottom Base Dimension: 570 × 199 × 174 mm
  • Flight case Dimensions: 830 × 628 × 250 mm
  • Packing Dimensions:910 × 710 × 295 mm

Shipping data

  • Dimensions (L/B/H) 810 x 600 x 220 mm
  • Weight 30,80 kg
  • PU 1
  • EAN 3701098204512